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Wrongful Death Lawyer for Ski and Snowboard Accidents

Skiing and snowboarding are popular winter sports that offer participants a chance to enjoy the beauty of Colorado's mountains while getting some exercise. However, these activities also come with certain risks, and every year, there are a number of wrongful deaths that occur as a result of ski and snowboard accidents. While some fatal accidents may be caused by factors such as human error, others may be the result of negligence on the part of a ski resort or other parties. If you have suffered the loss of a loved one in a ski or snowboard accident, you may be able to pursue compensation.

Colorado Wrongful Death Lawyer, A Division of The Gold Law Firm has assisted families in a wide variety of different wrongful death cases. If your loved one was killed in a ski or snowboard accident, we can help you determine whether negligence or recklessness by other parties was to blame. We can help you seek compensation for damages such as lost wages, funeral expenses, and pain and suffering, as well as any punitive damages that may be awarded by a court to punish the responsible party and deter others from similar behavior. We will make sure you take the correct steps during your case to preserve your right to receive compensation, and we will fight to achieve justice for your family.

Ski Resort Negligence Leading to Fatal Accidents

Skiers and snowboarders assume some level of risk when enjoying alpine sports. High altitudes, cold temperatures, steep trails, and obstacles such as trees and rocks can combine to create dangerous conditions. However, even if a person follows all possible safety precautions, they may still be injured through no fault of their own.

Winter resorts are required to provide a safe environment and protect people from harm as much as possible. Unfortunately, there are many ways that they may fail to do so, and fatal accidents may occur as a result of:

  • Inadequate signage - Ski resorts are required to post signs informing visitors of hazards on the mountain. Failure to provide signs that warn skiers or snowboarders of obstacles, areas that are "out of bounds," or other safety issues may make a resort liable for wrongful deaths that are caused by inadequate safety warnings.
  • Negligent equipment operation or maintenance - Visitors to a ski resort may be killed due to falls from ski lifts, and these accidents may occur because operators failed to ensure that safety equipment was used correctly. Negligent operation of grooming equipment or other machinery may also create unsafe obstacles that could lead to fatal collisions. Injuries may also occur because of equipment malfunctions, and a resort may be liable for its failure to make sure ski lifts or other machinery were properly maintained.
  • Negligent security or supervision - A resort's personnel must ensure that all visitors are following the proper safety procedures. Failure to monitor skiers or snowboarders and enforce rules could result in dangerous collisions, such as when people travel too fast through high-traffic areas.

Other Liable Parties in Fatal Skiing and Snowboarding Accidents

In addition to a ski resort, others may also be responsible for fatal accidents and injuries that affect skiers and snowboarders. In some cases, fatal injuries may occur because of defective equipment such as skis, snowboards, boots, bindings, poles, or helmets, and a product manufacturer may be held liable for a person's wrongful death. Other skiers or snowboarders may also be liable for injuries that are caused by dangerous behavior, such as traveling at unsafe speeds or purposely knocking someone over.

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Ski resorts, manufacturers of skiing and snowboarding equipment, and other skiers and snowboarders must all take reasonable steps to protect the safety of others. When fatal ski or snowboard accidents occur, the responsible parties may be held liable for a person's wrongful death. If you have lost a loved one in a snowboard or ski accident, Colorado Wrongful Death Lawyer, A Division of The Gold Law Firm can help you understand your rights and your options for pursuing compensation. We have assisted families in a wide variety of different wrongful death cases, and we are ready to fight on your behalf to make sure you will be properly compensated for your loss. Contact our lawyers today at 303-694-4653 for a free consultation.

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