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Attorney Greg Gold and the Colorado legal team at The Gold Law Firm provide five scholarship awards each semester to first-time college freshmen within the United States. Each award is worth $1,000, and awards will be mailed directly to the winning students’ financial aid offices.

The Gold Law Firm is honored to offer scholarship awards to freshmen who have spent their early education taking part in challenging skill-building activities such as Scouts, acting or theater, debate club, and speech. We believe that participation in and dedication to such activities greatly aid in a student’s development of integral leadership skills, confidence, and responsibility. Through The Gold Law Firm Challenge Yourself Scholarship, our team hopes to make educational opportunities more attainable for students who make an effort to improve as individuals both inside and outside the classroom.

All details pertaining to the scholarship program can be found throughout the different sections on this page, including eligibility criteria, application requirements, evaluation procedures, and our contact information.

The deadline for The Gold Law Firm Challenge Yourself Scholarship is

January 5, 2023

The best way to reach our scholarship team is through email at scholarship@thegoldlawfirm.net.


Through The Gold Law Firm Challenge Yourself Scholarship, we are looking to provide financial assistance for college freshmen who were active in one of the following activities in high school or childhood:

Debate Club


In addition to a history of participating in one or more of these activities, all eligible applicants must be planning to attend or have already enrolled in an accredited college or university as an incoming freshman. The student must also hold citizenship or permanent residency within the United States and be at least 17 years of age upon applying for the scholarship.

Application Instructions

To be considered for one of our Spring 2023 Gold Law Scholarship awards, students must submit an essay that includes the following:

A thoughtful response to the following question:

How has participation in activities such as scouts, acting, debate, and/or speech helped you get through difficult periods of your life, build leadership skills, or prepared you for success in the future?


Each essay should contain at least one embedded image to assist in the applicant's message. The Gold Law Firm believes in the power of imagery for communication. We regularly provide courts and juries with documents that contain not only our legal arguments but also images that assist with our communication.

We also ask all applicants to submit their contact information and proof of enrollment for the upcoming semester (which may be submitted as a class schedule, acceptance letter, or current transcript). Please make sure all documentation provided is in PDF or .docx format.

You can find our application form at the bottom of this page.


We appreciate your patience while we review applications. The following factors will be considered when reviewing documents submitted by applicants:

We plan to select and notify award winners by February 6, 2023.

Does the student meet our eligibility requirements?

Did the student submit all of the appropriate materials?

Does the student’s essay tell an original and complete story in an organized, well-written structure?

Scholarship Team
Contact Information

To address any issues and submit questions, please contact our scholarship team via email at scholarship@thegoldlawfirm.net.

Please note that no questions can be answered over chat, through contact form, or by phone. Our scholarship team is only available during business hours, but we are happy to help you in a timely manner.


We wish each applicant the best of luck!

Scholarship Application Form

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