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Swimming pools can be a great source of summer fun, but they can also be dangerous. Every year, thousands of people die in swimming pool-related accidents, and many victims are children. Drowning is the leading cause of death for children between the ages of one and four, and it is the second most common cause of accidental injuries for children between the ages of one and 14, with only car accidents resulting in more fatalities. In addition to drownings, multiple other types of fatal accidents can occur at swimming pools, and when a wrongful death is caused by the negligence of a pool's owner or any other parties, the victim's surviving family members may be entitled to compensation.

If your loved one has been killed in a swimming pool accident, you may be unsure about how to proceed. At Colorado Wrongful Death Lawyer, A Division of The Gold Law Firm, our experienced wrongful death lawyers can help you determine who was responsible, and we will advise you on the steps you can take to recover financial compensation for your financial and emotional losses. We will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of the accident and gather evidence to support your claim. We will make sure you take all appropriate steps to resolve your case successfully and achieve justice for your lost loved one.

Causes of Fatal Swimming Pool Accidents

When a wrongful death occurs because of a property owner's negligence, they may be held liable for the damages a victim's family members have experienced. Owners of private or public pools may be responsible for drowning deaths or other fatal accidents, and they may be required to pay compensation for multiple types of damages, including medical expenses, funeral expenses, loss of income, loss of companionship, and emotional trauma. Forms of negligence that can lead to drownings or other fatal swimming pool injuries include:

  • Lack of supervision - Public pools are required to provide lifeguards and ensure that they are properly trained to supervise swimmers and provide emergency aid following injuries. Failure to ensure that lifeguards are present at all times or failure to provide employees with the necessary training may result in deaths due to drowning or other types of accidents. Drownings may also occur due to a lack of safety equipment such as flotation devices.
  • Negligent maintenance - Defective equipment at a pool may cause fatal injuries. For example, a diving board that is not properly bolted down may cause fall injuries, or a pump that has not been properly maintained may cause a person to become entangled in an intake valve, resulting in drowning.
  • Negligent security - Pool owners are required to take steps to ensure that children cannot access a pool when it is closed. Failure to ensure that fences or other barriers are in place to prevent unauthorized access may result in children entering a pool and suffering fatal drowning injuries.
  • Safety issues on a property - The area surrounding a pool may be unsafe, leading to fatal accidents and injuries. For example, slippery walking surfaces near a pool may lead to slip and fall accidents, and visitors may suffer wrongful deaths due to head injuries.

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Unfortunately, wrongful deaths caused by swimming pool accidents and drowning are all too common. In many cases, the victim's family is left with overwhelming grief and financial burdens. If you have lost a loved one in a swimming pool accident or drowning, Colorado Wrongful Death Lawyer, A Division of The Gold Law Firm can help. We will guide you through the process of seeking compensation, and we will ensure that your rights are protected. Schedule a free consultation today by calling us at 303-694-4653, or contact us online to learn more about how we can help with your case.

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